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Premium Motocross & Dirt Bike Goggles 

If you own and regularly ride a motocross or dirt bike, it is essential to purchase high-quality motocross goggles. Not only can a nice pair of goggles spice up your gear, but they are also invaluable for safe riding and eye protection. 

At low speeds and in town, you may be able to get away with sunglasses, but that isn't a guarantee. For safe riding, motocross goggles are recommended. In addition to protection from harmful UV rays, goggles protect your eyes from bugs and debris flying at you. Protection from flying debris and stray bugs is an excellent way to prevent crashes. 

From comfort to function, there are a variety of features and styles available. Read on if you are looking for high-quality motocross goggles, are interested in some of the features that can be included on your set, and for some recommendations on the top brands in the industry. 


Motocross Goggle Essentials

There are several features of motocross goggles that can come in handy while riding. Choosing the proper set for you will depend on the type of riding you do and some personal preferences.

For the ultimate pair of motocross goggles to ensure a safe ride, here is a list of some popular safety features and brands that provide them:


1. Ensure a good fit with your helmet

    Most companies design their goggles with outriggers to be compatible with various helmet shapes and sizes. These outriggers are essential for aligning your goggles around the helmet and holding the correct amount of tension to ensure a secure fit. When shopping for MX goggles, also pay attention to the strap. An adjustable silicone strap is an excellent way to prevent the goggles from slipping off your face or helmet.


    2. Shatter and scratch-resistant coating 

      Safety is of utmost importance for motocross goggles. Safety rating tests can be done on MX goggles, and brands like Leatt, Thor, FLY, Oakley, and FOX have goggles that are certified for safety with these tests. Shatter resistance is vital for a safe ride in case of flying rocks and debris impede your vision and cause severe injury if the lenses shatter. Some MX goggles come with superior resistance and are bulletproof and tested against the military ballistic impact standard. If you plan to do some riding on rough terrain or just want very protective goggles, look for those tested with the ANSI Z87 and MIL-DTL-43511D standards.  


      3. Curved lenses

        Curved lenses are essential to maximize visibility and minimize blind spots while riding. Often motocross goggles are engineered with this in mind, so you can look for things like how many degrees they cover - 170 degrees is around where they should. You can also look for phrases like WideVision and indicators that you will have excellent peripheral vision while wearing them. 


        4. Interchangeable lenses

          Finding dirt bike goggles that allow for the lenses to be interchangeable is a good investment. The ability to swap out lenses that transmit different amounts of light makes it possible to purchase one set of goggles for any sort of light conditions. Knowing how much light a set of lenses lets in ensures sufficient visibility during day or night riding. Also, be on the lookout for lenses that offer both UVA and UVC protection so that you can be safe from harmful UV light. 


          5. Comfort face foam and ventilation 

            Your goggles must be comfortable in how they feel on your face and how much they are ventilated to reduce heat and sweat. Comfort is vital to ensure a safe, fun ride. Look for motocross goggles that have foam technology integrated into the design. Leatt has a great pair with triple-layer padding and anti-sweat material embedded within. There are several options and styles available to look through in terms of function and comfort. 


            6. Anti-fog coating

              While a proper ventilation system will help with fog resistance, be on the lookout for anti-fog coatings on the lenses. Anti-fog treatments help to reduce moisture build-up and maximize visibility significantly. The lifetime of anti-fog coatings is up to one year, so after that, it may be time to buy a new pair of lenses or apply a new coating. 


              7. Tear-offs

                Tear-offs are thin plastic sheets with a tab on one side. These are put over the top of your goggles to, just as the name implies, tear off quickly if your field of vision is obscured by mud and dirt. These are designed so that the rider can quickly clear their view without stopping. This is important in winning a race and as a unique safety feature. While shopping for MX goggles, you can look out for brands that come with tear-offs. When purchasing tear-offs alone, later on, be sure to make sure they are compatible with your specific set of motocross goggles. 


                8. Durability

                  Just like other pieces of motocross gear, purchasing a pair of dirt bike goggles is an investment. With proper use and maintenance, hopefully a single pair can last for an extended period of time. The most significant wear and tear likely stems from friction against your helmet and roost during track riding. Be on the lookout for goggles with roost protection built-in. This can be achieved not only by scratch and shatter resistance but also by things like nylon outer frames and self-draining systems. MX goggles with open lower frame designs are ideal for ensuring stray chunks of dirt and mud aren't trapped in your field of view. 

                  Finding the right pair of MX goggles can seem like a daunting task. There are several incredible brands to choose from that offer slightly different features. But, you can be sure that a lot of research and engineering has gone into their design to provide high-quality dirt bike goggles. Stick to this guide and identify the most appropriate features for your needs, and you can be confident in finding the perfect MX goggles for you. 

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