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Motocross Knee Braces

Motocross is a popular, competitive off-roading sport with several trials and circuits within the UK. Motocross can pose many safety issues as a challenge of speed; some proper obstacles and jumps are all about pure timing and luck. Suppose you have ever attended a motocross event or another off-roading sporting event. In that case, you may have witnessed some of the most daring races, some so dangerously impressive that you must come back.

But as a participant in the sport, you will quickly be face-to-face with the concerns and risks that come with motocross. If you, as a rider, are not adequately protected by gear and are doing any stunts or risky riding, you could get seriously hurt.

With RYD LYF, we offer an extensive collection of gear, including specialty motocross knee braces, to keep you protected. We are based in New Zealand and provide a distinctive range of motorcycle products.

What are MX Knee Braces?

Motocross and dirt bike gear includes a variety of protective accessories and clothing pieces meant to combat many injuries. 

Motocross knee braces are within this area and are a recommended accessory to wear whether the rider has a pre-existing injury or not. They come in several sizes with adjustable straps and are meant to keep riders safe by preventing hyperextension of the knee, impact protection, and will support the motion of the leg/knee.

Riders know these conditions and are advised to wear other protective gear such as helmets, boots, and goggles. Here at RYD LYF, we sell a range of high-quality MX gear. Much like our knee braces, these pieces of equipment will provide riders with all their safety needs. 

Other Recommended MX Gear

In addition to motocross knee braces, riders must always have the following three pieces before they begin. As you may know, helmets are necessary for motocross, mainly when off-roading. Our helmets come in various styles, varying from children's, men's, and women's sizes. A selection of these helmets come with goggles built-in!

RYD LYF Knee Brace Collection

Knee braces are the best way to protect yourself from common leg injuries such as sprains and muscle pulls from rough terrain and collisions. We sell knee brace socks, knee brace pants, and industry-grade knee braces with adjustable straps. 

We recommend our Z-Frame knee brace, a larger, bulkier, yet comfortable brace that will not be as stiff as a C-Frame or X-Frame brace. The Leatt 2022 Z-Frame knee brace is a rider's best bet for maximum protection and shielding that would otherwise be a common occurrence. 

For a slimmer, yet durable feel, the X-Frame brace may be a good choice for you. 

Leatt 2021 X-Frame knee brace's design offers a slightly more flexible frame than the Z-Frame. Both knee braces are CE certified as medical devices, which have passed testing to be road safe. The X-Frame brace comes in several sizes, from S-XL to the Z-Frame S-M.

Of the most common knee injuries in MX, riders can avoid a ruptured ACL with proper impact protection and resistance technology. While we sell durable gear options, we also supply motocross parts, causal-wearing clothes, adventure gear, and other accessories and tools. Visit our website for all your gear needs!

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