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Motocross Jerseys in NZ 

Motocross or dirt bike jerseys are often made from nylon, polyester, leather, or spandex. Not only does an MX jersey look cool and complement your bike, but they also have some protective features built-in. With some light padding around the shoulders and rib cage, they are lightweight, can help absorb sweat, and are designed with maximum comfort in mind. 

Finding an appropriate motocross jersey for you can help out a lot during riding and racing. MX jerseys have moisture-resistant properties and strategically placed regions to provide sufficient airflow, composed of durable yet lightweight materials. This is important while racing because too much sweat on a jersey can lead to an unbalanced weight load on your torso, making it slightly harder to reach maximum speed and a little more challenging to maintain balance and control. 

There are a ton of options available for dirt bikes and MX jerseys. Ranging from short to long sleeves, minimal or extra padding, and the type of fabric used. 

If you are in the market for a motocross jersey that is right for you and your racing needs, this guide will walk you through some important considerations and the best brands. 


Guide to MX Jerseys 

It is essential to be aware of why specialized jerseys are necessary. For both professional and just-for-fun riding, motocross jerseys are a worthy investment. Riding in just a shirt or hoodies is a risk not worth taking. MX jerseys have a variety of functions. They offer protection from harmful UV rays, but they play a vital role in the prevention of serious injury in the case of an accident.

On that note, here is a guide to essential aspects of MX jerseys and some top brands in the industry:


Key Features

    Two significant considerations to consider when searching for the proper MX jersey are how much padding and what type of material you want. While big brands have engineered ideal materials for this, sometimes lightweight comes at the expense of durability and protection. Finding the right balance between these critical factors is how to find a jersey fitting for you. For example, the type of fabric used plays a significant role. MX jerseys made from leather are often times heavier than other materials but offer significantly more protection in a crash. Some optional features available on jerseys from various brands, such as pockets, can help you further refine your choice. Another aspect to consider is the design and color scheme of jerseys. You can purchase a color that goes with all your other gear or strategically make it so your equipment complements or matches your bike. Themed MX jerseys are another way to make your equipment stylish and fun. 

    In advance of purchasing, it is highly recommended to look through what options are available from various manufacturers to find the right fit for your needs:


    1. FLY Racing 

      FLY dirt bike jerseys are a popular choice among both amateurs and professionals in the sport. With an athletic, lean fit and a laser-cut ventilation system, FLY produces relevant jerseys with consistent quality. In addition to ventilation and comfortable fit, FLY jerseys have tagless, stretchy collars to ensure nothing is scratching at the back of your neck while riding. 


      2. Leatt

        Leatt is one of the most well-known MX gear manufacturers globally and always offers high-quality products. Their jerseys are known to be ultra-light, providing a snug yet comfortable fit, and have collar designs that can be used with or without a neck brace. Further, long-term durability is guaranteed due to its welded seams. Another cool feature of these jerseys is the maximum airflow capabilities built-in by laser-cut vents.


        3. FOX

          FOX is also one of the most well-known brands in the sport. They sponsor various professional MX riders around the world. Because of their massive presence and sponsorships, their jerseys are designed with feedback from their customers in mind. Composed of moisture-wicking fabric to keep you dry and high-quality dyes and designs, FOX MX jerseys are a solid choice. Further, some jerseys contain a drop-tail design to ensure it stays tucked in throughout rigorous riding. 


          4. Thor 

            Thor is a pioneer in MX riding gear. Their MX jerseys are really meant for serious motocross rides in rugged outdoor terrains. Specifically built to withstand the abuse of rigorous motocross, Thor's jerseys offer several well-engineered qualities such as durable polyester fabric, a 4-way stretch collar, moisture-wicking materials, and a hybrid set-in sleeve. 


            5. SHIFT

              SHIFT is a subset of Fox, and with this brand, you can be sure that there has been a lot of research and development and quality assurance testing gone into their products. This jersey is sharp and functional - offering mesh side panels for maximum airflow and a low collar for maximum comfort, and is a favorite amongst many professional MX riders. 


              Tips For Cleaning & Washing

                The most important thing to remember is not to wash your jersey in a regular household washing machine. Those cycles are too rough and can cause damage and decrease the lifetime of your MX jersey. Washing your jersey by hand is the best way to ensure quality is not compromised during washing.

                It is recommended to wash your jersey every 90 days and to use cold water and mild detergent. It is crucial to not use hot water for even gently washing, as this can cause the material to shrink and become brittle over time.

                As you can tell, there are several options to choose from when picking the right motocross jersey for you. To determine the best for your needs, think about what non-negotiable qualities you need in a jersey. Whether it must be ultra-lightweight, having padding in the shoulders but not the ribs, material durability, or all of the above - there is almost certainly a jersey to fit both your style and functional requirements. 

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