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MX Riding Underwear

Motocross is a popular, competitive off-roading sport with several trials and circuits within the UK. Participants in the sport quickly become well aware of the dangers associated with riding and will need several protective equipment to avoid severe injury. With the added gear, it is also vital for riders to feel comfortable and move with a certain amount of flexibility. 

RYD LYF offers an extensive collection of gear, including speciality riding underwear, to keep you prepared. We are based in New Zealand and provide a distinctive range of motorcycle products, including adventure gear, casual wear, and other accessories.

What Does MX Underwear Do?

MX underwear is a type of compression shorts that vary in protective ability. Much like any other riding gear, motocross underwear protects the general groin and leg from impact injuries. Pieces of underwear include protective compression shorts, undershirts, socks, and undergarments such as boxer brief-styled pieces. 

MX underwear not only provides direct comfort and protection but is contoured directly to your body shape so that there are no lumpy and awkward places in your garment. MX underwear shorts are breathable, but if you are new to wearing the gear, it's best to try out different sizes to find the most comfortable fit.

The Importance of Motocross Gear

Protective gear such as riding underwear is always necessary when participating in motocross sports. The Fly Racing 2022 Knee Brace, for example, is comfortably padded, supporting the natural movement of joints. The sizes included for these socks are SM and LXL.

Other protection motocross gear includes gloves, knee pads, and helmets. 

Gloves such as the Fox Airline Gloves are protective but also lightweight enough for riders to have maximum control over the handles of their bikes. Knee pads or shin guards have a similar concept to knee braces. They can feel more heavy-duty due to their plastic shell that encapsulates the knee itself. We recommend the Fly Barricade Flex Knee Guard. And lastly, helmets. Arguably the most important piece of equipment when off-roading is a helmet. We have a vast collection of headgear that can include goggles built-in and a variety of kid and adult sizes.

RYD LYF MX Riding Underwear

Our collection of riding underwear pieces comes in a variety of colourful and stylish graphics. Our collection of riding underwear consists of four knee brace socks–compressive footwear garments meant to line a knee brace. Knee braces are a thick, added layer over the knee cap that stretches from the thigh to below the knee. 

The Leatt Knee Brace Socks include a unique black design that is non-slip and will stay in place underneath the knee brace. Leatt 2022 Knee Brace socks are just as supportive, only differing in its graphic design.

Our last pair is the Fly Racing 2022 Knee Brace socks, a more comfortable pick that is great for both practice and competition-level motocross. 

Although often overlooked because it isn't immediately visible, motocross underwear is crucial to having a safe, comfortable experience on the road! Motocross underwear can be adjusted to your size and depending on the material. Our website includes all the details if you have any other questions or inquiries about riding gear and underwear. Don't hesitate to reach out!

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