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Top Quality Motocross & Dirt Bike Pants

Selecting a pair of motocross pants to purchase may seem like an easy, straightforward decision based on your style price range - but in reality, it can be deceivingly tricky to find a pair that checks all your boxes. 

While deciding on the pair of MX pants that is right for you, it is valuable to understand the importance of this piece of gear. MX pants are necessary to ensure safety while riding and in the event of an accident. They are designed with both performance and safety in mind, and there are a few different features that work together to achieve this. 

All in all, the safety of the pants boils down to three main features:

  • What material they are made of.
  • What sort of safeguards are built into them.
  • How easily other protective gear can be worn in conjunction with the motocross pants. 


Motocross Pants - Features and Recommendations

While shopping for motocross pants, be sure to keep the following qualities and safeguards in mind and choose the best for the riding you are doing. 

On that note, here is a list of MX pants features and recommendations on some high-quality brands:



Having lightweight pants is a shared priority among both amateur and professional motocross riders. The weight of the pants is almost entirely dependent on the material and how many safeguards are built-in. A lot of companies, such as SHIFT, have specially engineered their MX pants to be lightweight while still maintaining other qualities that will be discussed below. 



The flexibility and adjustability of motocross pants are other critical factors. You'll want a pair that fits snugly but allows maximum movement at all angles. While riding, you will be bending and flexing your knees and hips throughout turns and twists, so high-quality motorcycle pants are designed to achieve this while still conforming to your body. Some MX pants, such as FOX brand, are designed with specific body positions in mind. Specially constructed for riding, motocross pants allow your body to be fully protected while in the proper riding position.  



MX pants are an investment, and purchasing a high-quality pair may be a little pricey. Not only is this important in the case of accidents, but even in just everyday riding, your pants are constantly sliding on the seat and bike. This is why it's crucial to assess the durability and lifetime value before purchasing. A commonly used material to ensure durability is 600D polyester, which provides material resistance to frictions and abrasions throughout riding. MX pants should be durable functionally, and the coloring and logo should remain intact for a long time. Special dyes and sublimated polyester materials are usually used for this application. Also, another important tip is to be on the lookout for bands with reinforced stitching or triple stitches on the seams. 



While sufficient airflow does not seem conducive to property padding, protection, and durability of a pair of motocross pants, there are often strategically placed ventilation systems embedded within. Fully ventilated mesh liners and laser-cut perforations are important to keep you from roasting while riding in the summer sun. 


Built-in Safeguards and Extras  

Depending on what you are looking for, there are a variety of extra safeguards and features available that are built-in. For example, some MX pants have knees constructed from full-grain cow leather and heat-resistant material. This can add both protection and durability. 

There are also some cargo-pant style options available. This can be useful for long rides where you still need to carry the essentials with you. Plus, zippered cargo pockets ensure the safe keeping of those essential items throughout riding. 



Last but not least, your motocross pants must look good. You can choose a style and color that goes with everything. Another fun option is to consider the style and color of your bike and other gear. Do your pants complement your bike, helmet, and jersey? While this is not the most important factor for safety, it can be a significant consideration since you'll likely be wearing your MX pants for a while. 

Another point on this topic is to consider how appropriate your pants are when you aren't riding. Do you want a pair that can be worn around after you arrive somewhere? There are some options for motocross pants with removable legs. While these aren't as safe, they may be more practical for days you're riding that aren't race day. 


Washing and Maintaining

Proper washing and maintenance of your motocross pants is an excellent way to ensure you don't wear them out prematurely. A good place to start washing MX pants is by giving them a healthy rinse with the hose outside to remove large chunks of dirt and mud. Then, you can use a regular washing machine but make sure to use the gentle cycle and to use a detergent that isn't oxygenated. Oxygenation detergents will slowly dry out the leather components, making them stiff.

 For drying, hang them in a shaded area and let them air dry. A regular tumbling cycle in the dryer will break down the stitching and cause premature damage. After washing and drying, make sure to store your MX pants in a cool, dry place. 

Finally, while this isn't required for every washing - occasionally doing a conditioning treatment on the leather part of the pants is helpful. Even with gentle washing and drying, the leather parts may stiffen due to a lack of moisture. A simple leather conditioner treatment every few washes can help to extend the lifetime of your dirt bike pants even further. 

With all the options and features available, purchasing a high-quality pair of motocross pants may seem daunting at first. But if you keep these things in mind throughout your search, you can feel confident that you'll find a pair right for you. 

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